The Solution: BREAKAWAY Adhesive

As a full-service adhesive solutions company with lab testing capabilities, APPLIED Adhesives welcomed the challenge. Through a strategic collaboration with the customer and its co-packer, we addressed the pallet stabilization challenge by recommending our proprietary BREAKAWAY palletizing adhesive. This eco-friendly and low-maintenance adhesive is designed to reduce plastic waste, stabilize products during shipping, and improve overall safety.

APPLIED Adhesives manufactured the unique formula for BREAKAWAY, a water-based product formulated specifically for palletizing applications. By applying BREAKAWAY in a fine and minute amount to the cased products, this adhesive prevents the stacked, wrapped cases from shifting and falling during transit.


Elimination of 14 airbags per truckload

Cost savings of $238 per truckload

The Bottom Line: ROI and Future Plans

Our client’s reduction in damaged products and rerouted loads resulted in significant cost savings. On top of that, the elimination of 14 airbags per truckload at $17 per airbag resulted in a cost savings of $238 per truckload!

As a result of this successful partnership, the energy beverage manufacturer plans to expand the implementation of BREAKAWAY technology to other product categories.

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