The Two-Part Solution

Soon after working with their manager overseeing maintenance and engineering, APPLIED made two major changes to their parts and equipment strategy:

Part One

An equipment service technician walked their production lines and helped spec out new equipment for their process.

APPLIED installed and fine-tuned this equipment to their process, virtually eliminating their equipment downtime. APPLIED also took the time to train their maintenance staff on the equipment. This almost immediate improvement in uptime and savings helped establish APPLIED’s rapport with the customer on their dispense equipment and gained their trust.


To help augment their understaffed maintenance staff, the client signed an Equipment Maintenance Agreement (EMA) with APPLIED, allowing APPLIED to be an extension of their team.

The agreement includes regularly scheduled preventive maintenance (PM), preferred support from APPLIED’s equipment service technicians, and a discount on additional service, equipment and parts.

“Our partnership with APPLIED Adhesives has reduced downtime: With the new set up, we aren’t over-spraying our BIB Lidder, which was causing glue build-up, resulting in lid jams and unscheduled maintenance.”


26% reduction in adhesive usage with the installation of new equipment

500-hour reduction
in downtime per year

The Bottom Line

Since our involvement, the customer has seen success with their new hot-melt systems and loves finally getting the attention and care they deserve!

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